Emergency Dentistry

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Nancy Aharon, DDS

Dentist located in Turtle Creek, PA & Forrest Hills, Pittsburgh, PA

Because dental issues sometimes ignore schedules, Dr. Nancy Aharon and her team of experts at Pittsburgh Sleep & Smile offer emergency dentistry to the communities of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, and nearby Pittsburgh. These services are available as same-day appointments or during extended office hours. When you or your child have a dental problem that can’t wait until tomorrow and you want to see a dentist who cares, call Pittsburgh Sleep and Smile.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is considered a dental emergency?

Essentially any issue that requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding, or alleviate severe pain is considered a dental emergency.

Specific issues that may cause you to seek emergency dental care include:

  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • Moderate to severe toothache
  • A loose or misaligned permanent tooth
  • A tooth that’s been knocked out
  • A painful lump or bump on your gums that may signal an infection or abscess.

What if a crown or dentures are damaged?

Many dentists don’t consider denture or crown damage an emergency, but Dr. Aharon does. She understands that while they’re not painful, broken dentures or crowns can create significant discomfort and embarrassment at work and during social events. She often does extensive, same-day denture restoration and crown repairs to help return your smile to its former perfection as quickly as possible.  

What should I do at home during a dental emergency?

There are a few things you can try at home prior to your emergency appointment at Pittsburgh Sleep & Smile that may help.

For a tooth that’s been knocked out of its socket, it’s imperative to see Dr. Aharon as soon as possible since even minutes count when it comes to re-implanting a tooth. Prior to your appointment, do one of the following:

  • Keep the tooth moist at all times
  • Try placing the tooth gently back in its socket without touching its roots
  • Place the tooth between your cheek and gums or in a small container filled with milk

A cracked or fractured tooth is more than just a cosmetic concern, it can signal damage to the inner structures and may require immediate attention to save the tooth. Before your emergency dental appointment, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area and apply cold compresses to your face to help prevent swelling.

If you’ve got a toothache, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean it out and use dental floss to gently remove visible debris. This may help lessen the pain, but you still need to see Dr. Aharon as soon as possible as a toothache can signal a major problem. Do not apply aspirin directly on the aching tooth or gum tissue since this can worsen your pain and may further damage tooth structures and irritate your gums.